Shorts: A Summer Staple


It was in the 1930’s that women began to wear shorts for both casual and sporting events. It was even said that in 1937 two women walking down the street wearing shorts, were the cause of a car accident! This unique article of clothing has had its ups and downs through the years as to its proper place in the fashion world.  Today shorts are ever-present and can be worn for almost any occasion.


Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite summer casual outfits focusing on the short.  While a pair of shorts can always be worn with a simple t-shirt for summer, I have chosen to show outfits using a variety of tops to enhance the look of a typical shorts outfit.  These are all casual, yet neat looks that would make you feel good on a summer weekend.  Each choice is a different look, but all would take you just about anywhere from a breakfast or brunch out with friends to a summer picnic, a sight seeing or shopping trip, to a late afternoon gathering at your favorite pub for cocktails (or mocktails). Each outfit takes little effort to pull together, but with the varied pieces from the vest as a shirt to the high/low hem of the LAMB shirt, these shorts stand out and make terrific outfits. You might notice that I am a stickler for detail and like things with an added or unexpected surprise in the pieces I choose.  Examples of this would be the white shorts and the pink shorts.  The white shorts are actually leather, with a lace patterned stitching on the leg and the pink shorts are unexpectedly baby whale corduroy with decorative pompom detail. Even though both of these shorts are the simple 5 pocket style, the extra details go a long way.   As for the traditional slash pocket short, I favored the not so traditional chartreuse color.  Yes, some might say shorts are shorts, but really it is not so! Choose carefully and look for that special detail that appeals to you.