Refined With a Big Dose of Fun

LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton was the location for the photo shoot for today’s post. It truly is majestic, tranquil and not to be missed!! In this elegant sculpture garden and art museum, I felt so at peace, yet energized, as I strolled through the 16 acre property. The OOTD is an extremely comfortable two piece outfit in black and white. It is such a versatile ensemble and with a cashmere wrap or long flowing sweater, this can easily go well in to fall. A simple black flat works just as well as a strappy heel for this duo. This is close to a perfect outfit (if there is such a thing). There is no, “What should I wear with this?” It’s ease puts the exclamation point on the perfection. I chose my over-sized Chanel sunglasses to go with the beautiful day. I couldn’t have been more comfortable during the time spent at the reserve and still felt like I looked good enough for my dinner reservation at Serafina! ……..which was so fortunate because I think I failed to mention the super stretchy fabric!! Perfect for a big dinner out!

Don’t forget: It’s Fashion Week, Peeps!!!

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Feeling Anything but Blue

This really is the perfect dress for me. I love clothing that is feminine and what is more girly than ruffles and a bow! Another bonus is the elastic bottom, it majorly helps to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions! The gold zipper and buttons down the front add just the right amount of detailing to the dress. Because the dress has so many elements to it, it really needs little accessorizing. What I chose to do was to slip on a gold bracelet and ring because I wanted to dress it up a little for dinner. I also wore pearl and gold earings that matched the dress perfectly! The thing that I love the most about this dress is how transitional it can be. With fall right around the corner I have been trying to find pieces that can go from summer right into fall, without looking out-of-place. Both the color and style of the dress make it perfect for both seasons! For footwear I just slipped on a pair of simple gold sandals. I can’t wait to bring this dress to school with me!DSC_0970DSC_0991DSC_0997DSC_0992DSC_0995DSC_0986Dress: Solaris | Shoes: Sam Edelman


Hidden Gem

That feeling when you a find a special article of clothing that you know you will not see others wearing and you know is really beautiful and unique………


Such is the case with this little dress that is in such a rich color and fabric with a brilliant style and many details. The bold collar and buttons, the bubble-like hem and the baby pleating that makes up the back of the bodice all add to the overall appeal of this very feminine piece. This dress can literally take you anywhere! I paired it with black thong sandals for a walk in the garden on a hot summer day. It could easily be worn with heels and flats for an equally darling look. I have even worn this over black leggings for an evening concert. For today’s look, I added the Monogram Nano bracelet by Louis Vuitton and a thin, medium size gold hoop earring. I wore my Gold Gucci Aviator sunglasses for a perfect complement to this look. This dress is honestly so great and it is not a big name designer with a huge ticket price. That is part of the joy of wearing it. People always assume otherwise. I purchased this at a little boutique in a seaside town, Manasquan, NJ. A big part of the excitement and fun that adds to my love of fashion is finding these hidden gems in unexpected places. My challenge to you- next time you pass a shop that you think “looks like nothing from the outside”, take a minute to pop in, you just never know!!


Lilly Lovin’ – A Summer Fashion Icon


Newly married, 21 years old, and living in Palm Beach, Lillian Pulitzer opened a juice stand and little did she know, that would be where it all started. Working at a juice stand, she found that squeezing fruit came to be a very messy job. In order to disguise the stains on her clothes Lillian designed a simple dress made from bright and colorful printed cotton. Soon after, she found that her customers loved her dresses so she began producing more to sell alongside her juice. Eventually she was selling more dresses than juice and she decided to redirect her focus from juice to design.  The bright, colorful dresses became extremely coveted once her classmate, Jaqueline Kennedy was spotted donning one of Lilly’s infamous shift dresses on vacation.  It was then the Lilly Pulitzer brand was officially born. A mass of celebrities and preppy ladies hopped on the band wagon when Jackie was once again spotted sporting a Lilly dress, but this time on the cover of Life magazine. Nowadays, her prints are recognizable from miles away. They are unmistakable, everyone knows a Lilly when they see one.

Although,  I am well aware that these bright patterns may not be for everyone, I have been a fan since I was a toddler. I am also a huge fan of color so I paired my bright printed shorts with a pair of pink and orange Hadleigh’s shoes, a navy Lilly bow belt and a bright orange Katanya sweater. Lilly’s signature is bright patterns, but there are also ways for those who are not a fan of very colorful clothes to bring a little Lilly into their lives. There are pieces that are on the simpler side, like my white linen pants. They are a personal favorite! They are simple so you can pair them with a printed top to add a little color, or a solid color and it looks just as good either way! Most of her pieces speak for themselves and need little accessorizing, and for that reason I paired the navy sequin Lilly dress with a simple pair of white Chanel sandals.  Lilly Pulitzer has been a fashion icon for over 50 years and still continues to be today. It just goes to show that the simplest of beginnings can lead to grandest adventures. DSC_0361DSC_0369DSC_0371DSC_0377DSC_0372


Me in my Lilly bathing suit in Bay Head, NJ 


Shorts:  Lilly Pulitzer  | Belt:  Lilly Pulitzer | Sweater: Katanya| Shoes: Hadleigh’s (Pink and Orange) Chanel Sandals (See Shoe Page) Pants:  Lilly Pulitzer | Shirt: Aqua (Navy) | Bike: Lilly Pulitzer | Necklace: Lilly Pulitzer | Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Swim Wear: Lilly Pulitzer |

**I apologize to those of you who received the email with misspelling! It is all fixed and updated now!! 🙂

Went to a Garden Party

A mere four days into summer, and already sales are happening all around us. Two days ago, at Neiman Marcus, I fell in love with this dreamy Aidon Mattox, ankle length skirt. Let this be a lesson,keep an open mind, especially regarding clothes hanging on a hanger. I typically would not be drawn to an ankle length skirt, let alone one with crinoline, but this is special. My attraction to it was instant. Pink is my color and the pink and ivory combination in this full, acetate skirt were definitely singing my song! I must admit, regardless of its location on the sale rack, it would have been coming home with me. However, the already once reduced skirt was now an additional 25% off! Barring any disaster in the dressing room, this was to be mine. I  paired this skirt with a simple ivory cotton and lycra bustier by Sachin and Babi This piece was also on a sale rack with a healthy markdown and additional 25% off. Immediately upon zipping the bustier, I knew the pairing of these two was a hit! This outfit would be perfect for summer weddings, tea parties, and cocktail parties alike! Keeping things simple on my feet, I chose my favorite Chanel flat sandals with the silver C accent. I simply added an engraved 3 inch sterling silver cuff to my everyday jewelry and this outfit was complete.  The cuff makes a statement and was a gift.  It is so universal. Thinking forward to fall, I might even pair the skirt with a crisp white blouse and throw a navy cardigan over my shoulders. With pumps on my feet,  I’d have a completely new look. This skirt can be preppy, classic, romantic and even formal. It’s versatility is such a bonus. A look this good should not be this comfy, but it is! Oh, and did I mention the skirt has hidden pockets…Love.DSC_0153DSC_0186DSC_0160DSC_0171DSC_0166DSC_0187DSC_0176DSC_0193DSC_0195 Top: Sachin and Babi  |  Skirt: Aidon Mattox  |  Sandals: Chanel  | Bracelet: Sterling Silver Cuff