Strapless in November

……or any other time!! There is something about strapless, it can make you feel confident, pretty, fashionable, dressy and so much more.  The style that was once a special detail for formal dresses is now found throughout a wardrobe in tops, dresses and as in today’s post- a romper.  Since strapless is all that, why save it for those warm times of the year? I’m not!!! This full length, hot pink romper will be worn by me whenever I feel like wearing it.  I just added a black leather jacket for this time of year. For an evening out, a cashmere sweater or wrap would work wonders as well, even a great blazer would be fab.  For this shoot, I was at one of my very favorite places, SIXTY Soho, formerly 60 Thompson.  The rooftop bar has wonderful views of this great city, I absolutely adore this place. 🙂  Back to the outfit….. I added a very unique and really awesome body chain with this romper and I can’t tell you how much I love the look! It adds a little edge of some sort – dressy? maybe even a little sexy?!? IDK whatever it is, I was very pleased by the results of its addition to my outfit! The shoes were a favorite go to pair of Alice and Olivia’s and I’ve been hearing that the readers like them too.  They really have a rock star look.  This is a perfect evening outfit, but can work for a special day out as well.  As with the body chain, don’t be afraid to be daring when accessorizing.  You will know the moment you try something out whether it is a bust or a hit. If it’s a bust, at least you tried ( as is true with so many things in life) and if it’s a hit what a bonus for you!! Be Brave, Be Daring!  xo B

Head on over to to check out this awesome jewelry along with many more fun pieces!


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