Some Time in New York City


“The Statue of Liberty says, Come!”- and I do! I adore everything NYC. The eclectic style and freedom to dress as you feel on any given day is like no other in the city! For today’s post, I chose to dress with a casual, laid back, funky and fun vibe. This outfit incorporates several of my favorite things starting today from the bottom. These pink- studded Doc Marten’s are attention- getters for sure! They are a bubblegum shade of my favorite color, pink and are monochromatically studded with a little Valentino flair (who could ask for more?). They are extremely comfortable and can be worn with skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, whatever you desire. The pants today are a favorite brand with the zipper accents that I am very fond of this season. The pocket detailing is another selling point on these pants. They have a little cool, moto feel. This season and every season, cashmere is where it’s at. I chose to top these pants with a very plain, pink v-neck cashmere sweater and wore a simple white t-shirt that is barely visible, but adds a layer. I added a fun baseball cap along with some pink, Wildfox sunglasses that are the bomb. I was ready for a fun, adventurous day in the city and felt really comfy, yet very pulled together and neat.   “Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes.” Xo B




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