When “Gilt-y” Feels Good

A love of fine fashion can be very expensive to say the least. For quite sometime I have taken advantage of the discount website Gilt.com. They have very current fashion at a deep discount. Several of my favorite statement pieces have been purchased on Gilt, guilt-free. (That really should be their slogan if you ask this little fashion blogger :).) I am crazy about the centerpiece for today’s ootp (outfit of the post) purchased at gilt.com. The pink skirt, heavily embroidered in cream stitching, is a standout piece that is gorgeous and more importantly, so comfortable to wear. It has a bit of stretch and doesn’t pinch at all. The gorgeous pink color is rich enough to easily go into fall/winter and the choices for a top pairing are numerous. I chose a simple cream silk blouse. A denim jacket, black leather jacket or a long sweater could easily be added for warmth and all would look equally stylish. Sometimes there is nothing like walking down the street and just feeling really good about what you are wearing. This was one of those outfits, as I’m not going to lie, I caught some looks in and around the TriBeCa park where we shot this post. I’m a little shy, but honestly, it felt darn good! A little confidence booster never hurts the self-esteem and is a fabulous accessory! My Valentino rock stud shoes in nude were my shoes of choice. These are the most comfortable heels ever. I can traipse the city for hours in these and never wish I’d worn flats! My dream is to own these in a few more colors! Dare to dream!!! Xo B



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