Flannel = A Big Hug Give it a try

Flannel shirts are all the rage and perfect for a day like today here on the East Coast! I finally caved in and bought a vintage flannel in buffalo plaid a week or two ago.  I have not wanted to take it off! I’ve since purchased another and have a custom flannel coming from Harlequin Flannels.  My first flannel was purchased at my favorite, LF Soho.  This piece can be worn with denim in any wash or style, the ever present, not going anywhere- black legging, skirts over dresses, you name it.  I found my personal favorite way to wear my flannel completely by accident.  And that is wearing it just to feel comfy and cozy.  It is like a big, warm hug.  I had been shooting for the blog in NYC and it was a cold, rainy day.  I went back to the hotel to get warm and pulled the flannel out of the shopping bag.  I wore it with the cutest, most comfortable, non-bra bra- also from LF. This bralette style top has a ‘V’ detail that can peek out of the unbuttoned flannel and looks precious, it is super stretchy and extremely easy to wear.  Since I was just going to be relaxing, I grabbed these darling lace shorts (also an LF purchase) and they looked perfect underneath the flannel.  These come in other colors and can be worn under short dresses or as I did, a long shirt. I happened to already be wearing my black high socks from the previous shoot, so I kept them on for extra comfort and I loved this style!  This is more of a stay at home look, but so much cuter than sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  That way, if anyone stops by, you look completely pulled together and adorable!! Give it a try, you won’ t be sorry.  I’m a new fan of the Flannel, so be looking for more posts on this.  Who couldn’t use an all day hug??? xo B


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