Uptown Girl




This vintage Chanel outfit is truly one of the best discoveries I have ever made on Ebay! It really is worth your time to scroll through your favorite designers.  You never know when a rare and exciting piece will hit the site.  This was one of those items that’s bidding went crazy the last minute.  You have to be prepared and have your ceiling price in your mind when the bidding goes crazy. As they say, you gotta know when to hold and when to fold.  I was not folding on this:).  It is a 2 piece set of Chanel knitwear.  The crop top is absolutely on point with today’s trend and the elastic waisted pants are timeless.  The sleeveless top with the slight cutaway arm holes and high neck is really special with the double “C” logo prominently adorning the front.  These details give the top a slightly dressy feel.  The pants are loose fitting and also are adorned with the traditional Chanel logo.  This outfit can be worn with heels and an evening bag or flats and  any bag.  It really depends on the look you are going for at the moment.  On this day, I was shooting uptown and went with a dressier look pairing the outfit with an elegant cuff, satin bow, a Chanel quilted bag and Marc Jacobs flats adorned with a tiny bow.  This outfit truly could take me anywhere in the city I needed to go, day or evening.  As the temperatures begin to drop, I will wear my long black cashmere open front sweater or carry my black cashmere wrap.  They will equally serve the outfit perfectly.  Once in awhile, it is fun to go a little over the top with special designer duds.  It can’t be everyday, but when it is…… oooh la la! As proven with this ensemble, Coco said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. xox B



  1. Quite a pretty BILLBOARD.
    Don’t you feel just a little, like the exchange of currency flowed in the opposite direction, that it should have?
    When you provide a service to a MEGA Corporation, such as promotional advertising, you should be paid for your efforts…… Just sayin.
    It would make more sense to design and produce your own clothes, with your BRAND LOGO. At least then walking around as a promotional ad placement, would imply some goal or purpose, that could benefit you personally.

  2. I simply have an appreciation for style and fashion. I am not looking for compensation at this point, just sharing what I like. My goal and purpose is not to design, but to share and I am rewarded simply by the kind comments from others that I have inspired to try a new style or to pull out an old favorite. Creating this blog has been a tremendous therapy and outlet for me and those rewards alone at this time in my life have proved to be priceless. Thank you so much for commenting! xo B

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