Who Doesn’t Love A Surprise?

Soho, NYC as many of you know, is one of my favorite places to be.  Hence, the location of today’s post.  Pairing my favorite location with a favorite shopping destination; today’s Buzz is a little slice of heaven.  You might remember this summer I shared with you that “new” store I discovered in South Hampton called, LF? Well, Soho is home to LF’s flagship store and has the best shopping vibe.  From the darling girls who stuck with me, to the security guard at the door, I couldn’t have wished for a nicer experience. I feel like I made new friends while “working” 🙂 that day. Because now I can qualify shopping as “work” for the blog. It comes in handy! There are two surprises in today’s post. Today’s post highlight’s two spectacular pieces found at LF.  First, this adorable pink leather dress (Surprise #1 = dress is leather!).  It has an almost bustier style bodice and simple skirt and is one of those pieces that can span the seasons.  On a beautiful October day, I paired it with what might be the most thrilling piece I’ve purchased in a long time.  From the front, it looks like a classic denim shirt, but when you see the party in the back………OMG. (Surprise #2, the back of the shirt, sooo unexpected!) It is just fab.  The open weave back is done like art work with neat woven denim strips adorned at each crossover with silver skull studs. It really is so exciting and this too, although almost completely open, will be great in the fall/winter with a flannel and cashmere underneath!! I adore the combination of these two pieces.  The dress is so sweet and girly and the denim shirt a little grungy (but sooo not, if you know what I mean) for the perfect look!! I added to the grunge with my Timberland boots. Girls can wear Tims too and they are! These black leather, double strap boots are calf height and I wore some funky, colorful socks just for fun. Enjoy! xo, B

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