Takin’ It To The Streets

One of the best aspects of starting Buzz From the B, is that I have been able to share my love of fashion with others and while doing that I am able to branch out.  While I often state that I am a huge fan of girly, pink and bows, the truth is I love all kinds of fashion and clothing from Century 21 finds to Chanel.  So, when given the opportunity to work with some awesome people in the fashion industry on my recent trip to NYC, I jumped at the chance!! They arrived at my hotel and pulled and picked through all of my garment bags choosing pieces for the days shoot.  We took it to the streets and today’s post is the result.  I cannot wait for the chance to do it again!! It was such a crazy experience! There were random people following us taking pictures of the crew fussing over and taking pictures of me. It was such a blast and I am grateful for the time they gave to work with me!! Xoxo to Morgan, Jihad and Tyler!!!

image (5)image (7)image (12)image (4)image (8)image (6)image (10)image (11)image (9)image (13)


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