Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

………..That’s what today’s post is made of!
As many of my followers know, Pink is my color and tres girly is my style. So, when I saw this mini dress in pink, replete with baby pleats, backless style and a bow at the neck to boot – I knew this would be highlighted in a Buzz From the B Post. This dress is so simple to wear, but looks like you took hours getting ready.  It’s super lightweight chiffon even has a built-in slip. This dress absolutely makes you feel like a princess.  So, what better choice for my feet than Christian Louboutin Very Prive Glitter Peep-toe Slingback pumps in silver?!? Cinderella would be proud! Sticking with the glittery, girly theme, I added a crystal emblazoned wide cuff and diamond hoop earrings.  I chose a beautiful, pink, heart-shaped stone statement ring and a crystal bobby pin too.  Very simple make up colors were used including my favorite Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color, Uber Beige. It is perfect alone or with a gloss overcoat as well.  Two of my favorite Bobbi Brown Glosses for that are Shimmer Gloss in Rose Sugar and Rich Color Gloss in Pink Buff. This ensemble is definitely not one you will wear everyday, but when the occasion calls for special, this is the go to look.  While, I’d for sure be noticed pulling up to the party, this dress will ensure you’re noticed once you leave the ride with the valet as well.

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