No Need to Sacrifice Comfort for Style

I will keep this short and sweet for today’s post. My parents talk about how their grandparents used to get all dressed up to take a flight to anywhere. Flying was thought of as a very special thing to do. Today, not so much!! I still think you should care about what you look like when traveling. This does not mean heels and skirts (unless you choose and if you do- Go You!!) I found this terrific travel option from Kings of Cole. The comfort level is over the top, unbelievably soft. This line of upscale sweats comes in a variety of colors and has great accent details like the buttons at the shoulders and the great zipper pulls on the pockets. I chose the lavender and threw on a simple white tank underneath. Pulling the Louis Vuitton Epopee with soft monogram, Idylle canvas in Encre and matching Never Full, I am ready for the 6 hour flight to paradise. Best part, I will be cozy the whole way.



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