Hidden Gem

That feeling when you a find a special article of clothing that you know you will not see others wearing and you know is really beautiful and unique………


Such is the case with this little dress that is in such a rich color and fabric with a brilliant style and many details. The bold collar and buttons, the bubble-like hem and the baby pleating that makes up the back of the bodice all add to the overall appeal of this very feminine piece. This dress can literally take you anywhere! I paired it with black thong sandals for a walk in the garden on a hot summer day. It could easily be worn with heels and flats for an equally darling look. I have even worn this over black leggings for an evening concert. For today’s look, I added the Monogram Nano bracelet by Louis Vuitton and a thin, medium size gold hoop earring. I wore my Gold Gucci Aviator sunglasses for a perfect complement to this look. This dress is honestly so great and it is not a big name designer with a huge ticket price. That is part of the joy of wearing it. People always assume otherwise. I purchased this at a little boutique in a seaside town, Manasquan, NJ. A big part of the excitement and fun that adds to my love of fashion is finding these hidden gems in unexpected places. My challenge to you- next time you pass a shop that you think “looks like nothing from the outside”, take a minute to pop in, you just never know!!



  1. Great photOs( it was such fun watching!! and write up was excellent!!!Did U find the cross at Phillips and Frdrks?? XOXOX Nana

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