Fringe Benefits

Creating Buzz from the B has not only allowed me to share my favorite fashion and style ideas with you, it has given me the opportunity to find spots for photo shoots that might coordinate or lend itself to the wearing of a given outfit.Such is the case with this outfit I chose to showcase today. It is perfect for a hot day when you are feeling very free-spirited and easy-going. On my recent trip to The Hamptons, we found a beautiful remote spot by the bay, in Southampton, to photograph this outfit. The BCBG outfit is definitely not to be worn if you want to blend in or hide in a crowd. It is a great confidence booster when you wear it. (Confidence is something I sometimes need to work on so I know! ) This is also such a fantastic conversation piece, you will not see yourself repeated at a party or outing and truly people love it. It is so easy to wear and very comfortable. I had salty air hair and it worked perfectly with the attitude of the outfit. I popped on a tassel and beaded bracelet and kept my footwear simple with a pair of tan leather flip-flops. I could wear this outfit over and over and I may wear it to the Toby Keith concert this weekend with my cowboy boots of course! (If I do I will instagram!) A fun fact: The house and dock seen in the background is the Kardashian summer rental, really pretty! I’m not gonna lie I was kind of hoping for a sighting during my stay! No such luck!DSC_0920DSC_0935DSC_0940DSC_0967DSC_0959DSC_0958DSC_0926

Top: BCBG| Shorts: BCBG

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