Farmhouse Chic

This is one of those outfits that just comes together and feels right. You go to your closet with no real plan and pull out a favorite.  In this case it was my black stretchy tank top. I started adding to that and, this outfit is what evolved. It’s great,  I love when that happens!! You know, not every outfit has to be designer this or designer that, although that is a lot of fun!  This outfit is definitely not big in name, but I still feel every bit as good in this as I do in a big name outfit.  As a matter of fact, I really love this collaboration of random pieces.  The skirt by, Elan is one that I found at a small boutique associated with, believe it or not, a hair salon.  I was instantly attracted to it.  I love to look girly and as a fun fact, I refused to wear pants for years, even wearing a skirt to play t-ball because I didn’t approve of the uniform pants.  I never wore a pair of pants to school until high school, unless it was mandatory.  Anyway, this very feminine, almost romantic looking skirt was to be mine for sure. I had no idea what I would wear it with, but had to have it.  After hanging in my closet for weeks and weeks, the outfit finally evolved. The skirt is the focus with my simple black tank and metallic woven wide belt. The flannel plaid shirt, yes, pink(my favorite color) plaid shirt, is multi purpose.  It is made by Woolrich. It is very trendy wrapped around the waist and very functional when the sun goes down or when you pop into an air -conditioned space. I am wearing some fun, perfect for summer turquoise colored jewelry that adds the right burst of color.  The bracelet collection can be found at Henri Bendel and the ring was purchased on a discount website. I often like a long necklace and this wide link, gold chain with a few simple bead charms, including one in turquoise, is meant for this outfit. A simple pair of  tan, leather,  Sam Edelman thong sandals complete this outfit.


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