Fifa Fan Frenzy, If You Can’t Beat ’em Join ’em!

World Cup soccer is a world-class sporting event with spectators repping a very unique fashion style. It differs from the neat, traditional styles akin to those events such as The Kentucky Derby and The US Open. It is also nothing like the general style you see at a major league sporting event, be it baseball, basketball, hockey or football. At each of those events, you will see a handful of rogue spectators dressed in crazy, over the top fan gear supporting their team. Well, multiply those rogue spectators by thousands and you have the norm in “style” being seen at the World Cup Fifa 2014 matches.

In a spirit that comes only every four years, I have chosen to present to you two Fifa appropriate looks. The first one you might wear out around town the day of an important match like today. I’m wearing a no. 8 Clint Dempsey USA kit by Nike. “Captain America” as he’s known has been huge for team USA! The shorts are a simple mesh, elastic waist, all-purpose sport short by Fit 2 Win in red.  Nike blue and white mid calf socks and Nike Bat Slide II’s complete the outfit. Perfect wear for a local restaurant viewing party, friendly gathering or hosting other USA fans for watching the match. The other look for today is only appropriate for the stands… in Brazil. I’ve reused the red shorts and paired them with a sleeveless Nation LTD t-shirt emblazoned with Old Glory. The socks are Red Lion High socks in the blue dots and stripes pattern.  Again, I’ve chosen the same Nike slides. Next is where the Fan Frenzy comes in.  All additional accessories are available at Walgreens. Upon completing this special look, I feel the urge to crank Toby Keith’s “Made in America” over and over.  I suggest you try the same.  If you weren’t overly excited for the game, you will be!

I Believe That We Will Win!



Shoes: Nike |  Shorts: Fit 2 Win  | T-Shirt: Nation LTD |Kit: Nike |


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