Month: June 2014

Lilly Lovin’ – A Summer Fashion Icon


Newly married, 21 years old, and living in Palm Beach, Lillian Pulitzer opened a juice stand and little did she know, that would be where it all started. Working at a juice stand, she found that squeezing fruit came to be a very messy job. In order to disguise the stains on her clothes Lillian designed a simple dress made from bright and colorful printed cotton. Soon after, she found that her customers loved her dresses so she began producing more to sell alongside her juice. Eventually she was selling more dresses than juice and she decided to redirect her focus from juice to design.  The bright, colorful dresses became extremely coveted once her classmate, Jaqueline Kennedy was spotted donning one of Lilly’s infamous shift dresses on vacation.  It was then the Lilly Pulitzer brand was officially born. A mass of celebrities and preppy ladies hopped on the band wagon when Jackie was once again spotted sporting a Lilly dress, but this time on the cover of Life magazine. Nowadays, her prints are recognizable from miles away. They are unmistakable, everyone knows a Lilly when they see one.

Although,  I am well aware that these bright patterns may not be for everyone, I have been a fan since I was a toddler. I am also a huge fan of color so I paired my bright printed shorts with a pair of pink and orange Hadleigh’s shoes, a navy Lilly bow belt and a bright orange Katanya sweater. Lilly’s signature is bright patterns, but there are also ways for those who are not a fan of very colorful clothes to bring a little Lilly into their lives. There are pieces that are on the simpler side, like my white linen pants. They are a personal favorite! They are simple so you can pair them with a printed top to add a little color, or a solid color and it looks just as good either way! Most of her pieces speak for themselves and need little accessorizing, and for that reason I paired the navy sequin Lilly dress with a simple pair of white Chanel sandals.  Lilly Pulitzer has been a fashion icon for over 50 years and still continues to be today. It just goes to show that the simplest of beginnings can lead to grandest adventures. DSC_0361DSC_0369DSC_0371DSC_0377DSC_0372


Me in my Lilly bathing suit in Bay Head, NJ 


Shorts:  Lilly Pulitzer  | Belt:  Lilly Pulitzer | Sweater: Katanya| Shoes: Hadleigh’s (Pink and Orange) Chanel Sandals (See Shoe Page) Pants:  Lilly Pulitzer | Shirt: Aqua (Navy) | Bike: Lilly Pulitzer | Necklace: Lilly Pulitzer | Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Swim Wear: Lilly Pulitzer |

**I apologize to those of you who received the email with misspelling! It is all fixed and updated now!! 🙂

Flower Power

When recently poking through a favorite boutique of mine, I came across this little gem. This light, cotton gauze dress is so feminine and even a little sexy without being revealing in any way. (How rare!) The daisy flower appliques adorn the sleeves and bust area. The dress is a slip on empire waisted, loose-fitting piece with free-flowing sleeves. I paired this casual dress with coral Havaianas flip-flops that also happened to have a daisy decoration on the strap. This is a unique, yet perfect dress for a beach party, summer concert, shopping, lunch with friends, or just about any occasion.

It is a perfect choice if you’re short on time, as it is effortless to pull off. Lucy Love is the designer and she is now on my radar!

DSC_0033DSC_0054 (1)DSC_0040  DSC_0048 DSC_0049DSC_0042DSC_0038DSC_0052

Dress: Lucy Love | Shoes: Havaianas


Shorts: A Summer Staple


It was in the 1930’s that women began to wear shorts for both casual and sporting events. It was even said that in 1937 two women walking down the street wearing shorts, were the cause of a car accident! This unique article of clothing has had its ups and downs through the years as to its proper place in the fashion world.  Today shorts are ever-present and can be worn for almost any occasion.


Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite summer casual outfits focusing on the short.  While a pair of shorts can always be worn with a simple t-shirt for summer, I have chosen to show outfits using a variety of tops to enhance the look of a typical shorts outfit.  These are all casual, yet neat looks that would make you feel good on a summer weekend.  Each choice is a different look, but all would take you just about anywhere from a breakfast or brunch out with friends to a summer picnic, a sight seeing or shopping trip, to a late afternoon gathering at your favorite pub for cocktails (or mocktails). Each outfit takes little effort to pull together, but with the varied pieces from the vest as a shirt to the high/low hem of the LAMB shirt, these shorts stand out and make terrific outfits. You might notice that I am a stickler for detail and like things with an added or unexpected surprise in the pieces I choose.  Examples of this would be the white shorts and the pink shorts.  The white shorts are actually leather, with a lace patterned stitching on the leg and the pink shorts are unexpectedly baby whale corduroy with decorative pompom detail. Even though both of these shorts are the simple 5 pocket style, the extra details go a long way.   As for the traditional slash pocket short, I favored the not so traditional chartreuse color.  Yes, some might say shorts are shorts, but really it is not so! Choose carefully and look for that special detail that appeals to you.


Bringing in the Heavy Hitters

Today’s elegant outfit is a perfect storm composed of several designer labels. I excitedly pulled this outfit together and loved the end result. Early into the write-up, I realized that each of these pieces could really stand on their own and add oomph to any outfit. However, combined into one look, the result hits it out of the park. This neutral ensemble will get you noticed for all the right reasons. I am very excited to present this to you today and since I’m a fan of each item equally, I will introduce them top-down. My hair was flat-ironed and held back by a two inch quilted Burberry headband in nude, patent leather. The Holy Lace Tube Top by Stone Cold Fox is truly elegant. It’s off the shoulder style and full slit back are details done to perfection. The lacy pattern lends itself perfectly to the easy flow of the top. I chose to put this top with a pair of Haute Hippie long, flowing, pleated pants. These two pieces together made a perfect outfit, but I couldn’t stop there. I accessorized with a gold Chanel chain and coin belt, a birthday gift I could not wait to Christen. On to the shoes! The Valentino patent leather Rockstud Slingback  pumps in blush (what a mouthful, but so sweet on the tongue) were an obvious choice. This power packed outfit needed very little in the way of jewelry. I added a few thin gold and crystal bangles onto my Cartier Love Bracelet and on the opposite hand, a large ivory and gold statement ring. My much-loved Prada Saffian Lux tote in Cammeo was the bag of choice and I was out! Not gonna lie, feelin’ fly!DSC_0226DSC_0230DSC_0228DSC_0232DSC_0220DSC_0245DSC_0236DSC_0246

Head band: Burberry  | Top: Stone Cold Fox  | Belt: Chanel  |  Pants: Haute Hippie | Shoes: Valentino  | Handbag: Prada


Went to a Garden Party

A mere four days into summer, and already sales are happening all around us. Two days ago, at Neiman Marcus, I fell in love with this dreamy Aidon Mattox, ankle length skirt. Let this be a lesson,keep an open mind, especially regarding clothes hanging on a hanger. I typically would not be drawn to an ankle length skirt, let alone one with crinoline, but this is special. My attraction to it was instant. Pink is my color and the pink and ivory combination in this full, acetate skirt were definitely singing my song! I must admit, regardless of its location on the sale rack, it would have been coming home with me. However, the already once reduced skirt was now an additional 25% off! Barring any disaster in the dressing room, this was to be mine. I  paired this skirt with a simple ivory cotton and lycra bustier by Sachin and Babi This piece was also on a sale rack with a healthy markdown and additional 25% off. Immediately upon zipping the bustier, I knew the pairing of these two was a hit! This outfit would be perfect for summer weddings, tea parties, and cocktail parties alike! Keeping things simple on my feet, I chose my favorite Chanel flat sandals with the silver C accent. I simply added an engraved 3 inch sterling silver cuff to my everyday jewelry and this outfit was complete.  The cuff makes a statement and was a gift.  It is so universal. Thinking forward to fall, I might even pair the skirt with a crisp white blouse and throw a navy cardigan over my shoulders. With pumps on my feet,  I’d have a completely new look. This skirt can be preppy, classic, romantic and even formal. It’s versatility is such a bonus. A look this good should not be this comfy, but it is! Oh, and did I mention the skirt has hidden pockets…Love.DSC_0153DSC_0186DSC_0160DSC_0171DSC_0166DSC_0187DSC_0176DSC_0193DSC_0195 Top: Sachin and Babi  |  Skirt: Aidon Mattox  |  Sandals: Chanel  | Bracelet: Sterling Silver Cuff  

The Must Have Invisible Accessory

What is the one accessory no one should leave home without? While it will be noticed and appreciated by those around you, and will even be associated with you by many, this accessory will never be seen by any. Those close to you will most definitely be aware you’ve left home without it. What is this invisible must have accessory that flawlessly coordinates with no matter what you are wearing? A signature fragrance is that one accessory everyone should own. It may be a process, and take time to find the perfect one that suits you, but it is well worth the effort! Finding that perfect fragrance is a bit like finding love, you find it when and where you least expect it. Take it slow, but be persistent in your mission. Begin by asking store for samples at your favorite department stores and try a new one each day. When you find one you like, wear it for several consecutive days to see if it really suits you. When you think you feel like you have the one for you, then purchase a small bottle. You will most likely desire a light scent and the choices are infinite.

The scents can be Earthy, Floral, Fruity, even Floral Fruity! While creating fragrances is very scientific, the selection process is very personal and works on a trial and error premise. Be open-minded, patient, and have fun! It will be well worth it when spritzing yourself as you finish “getting ready”. It just makes you feel good. Here are a few of my favorites!


Signorina By Ferragamo


Flora By Gucci


Flowerbomb By Viktor & Rolof


Bonbon By Viktor & Rolof

A Tribute to Juicy Couture



Juicy Couture, the California clothing brand launched in 1997 by two fashion obsessed friends from LA, is shutting its doors across the country. This is devastating news to fans of the brand. What began as fashionable yet cozy beach wear blossomed into a clothing company that ranged from underwear to outerwear and encompassed everything in between from jewelry to shoes, to travel pillows and blankets. (I still carry mine on airplanes!) Launched into the spotlight by celebs in LA, the most iconic piece in the Juicy Line was the instantly recognizable velour tracksuit. It was often adorned with crystals and graphics of all kinds. An episode of “The Simple Life” almost guaranteed an unveiling of the newest tracksuit worn by either Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, or both. Also a huge fan, Kim Kardashian!!

I am lamenting my urge to purge just a month ago. I rid myself of countless Juicy pieces including the Limited Edition, only available at the Beverly Hills store, crystal emblazoned black velour track suit. I would do anything to have it back! It’s like the song, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone! When I heard the news, I instantly thought ” what have I done”. As they say, “it ain’t over till it’s over”, there are already rumblings of a comeback! Bring back Juicy! Who doesn’t love a good come back story, especially in the fashion world.

Fun Fact: I have had the pieces worn in today’s feature since 6th grade!

DSC_0095DSC_0105DSC_0103DSC_0099 DSC_0093DSC_0139DSC_0136DSC_0128DSC_0115

All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go

On a random Monday night, I received an invitation to enjoy a fun night out with friends. The occasion lent itself to dressing up on a warm summer night. I chose to wear this Alice and Olivia strapless romper. There are so many details that make this piece special. To name a few:

1. The clean crisp white color

2. The surprise contrast of black mesh side and back panels

3. The visible deep zipper running down the back

4. The invisible slash pockets in the front (I LOVE the hidden pockets, such a bonus!)

5. The neat, single knife pleats in  front

And lastly…

6. The overall WOW factor of this understated yet elegant piece that is so easy to wear.

To complete the outfit, I added a bold, gold tassel statement necklace with subtle diamond accents by Paige Novick. I carried a black Soho Leather Chain Shoulder Bag by Gucci. For my footwear, I chose the Louboutin Rolando HiddenPlatform Pump in black patent leather. I kept my hair simple in a sleek, low pony tail and was ready to go!

DSC_0066DSC_0067DSC_0074 DSC_0075DSC_0083DSC_0073DSC_0076 (1)DSC_0071


Romper: Alice and Olivia  |  Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump) | Bag: Gucci (Soho leather chain shoulder bag) | Necklace: Paige Novick


The Buzz For Today

It’s not too early to be finding great summer deals, like today’s outfit! While on my Sunday morning Starbucks run (iced venti skinny caramel macchiato with an extra shot), I popped into one of my favorite boutiques. This little gem was hanging on the sale rack practically screaming my name. There was only one and it was my size! This two piece short set is handcrafted by artisans in Peru. The Arequipa poncho has a loose fit with a deep V cut in front. The drawstring hood gives the top a fresh and fun feel. Paired with the drawstring short, you feel pulled together and can do almost anywhere. The happy bright navy and pink striping is perfect! So comfy and so cozy, this outfit is by: CARDIGANI paired this outfit with my favorite Chanel espadrilles in dark denim. I am in love!


Shorts: Cardigan  |  Top: Cardigan |  Shoes: Chanel



This Weeks Feature: From the Beach to Town

This weeks feature item is by my favorite new-to-me designer that I stumbled upon in SoHo on a birthday shopping trip! This delicious fun style is terrific. The highlight piece for today is this light wash, super cute romper by: ONE TEAPSOON. This piece is so versatile and perfect for a summer getaway. It looks just as cute and flirty as a beach cover up as it does for a quick Starbucks run into town. This sleeveless romper even has a little bit of sexy with the low back and swingy skirt like bottom. It’s so feminine and fun with little to no effort. Pair it with your favorite flip-flops. I paired it with Tory Burch Miller sandals in pink magenta for a pop of color! I also wore my all-time favorite Gucci Aviator sunglasses. Be sure to throw your hair up into a messy pony or bun to accentuate the backless detail. You can even pair it with a leather jacket for a casual night out!


IMG_0578IMG_0592IMG_0596  IMG_0602IMG_0600

Romper: One Teaspoon  |  Sandals: Tory Burch (Miller Sandal) |  Sunglasses: Gucci 

Bathing Suit: Charlie by Matthew Zink | Sandals: Dizzy Flops